Whimbrels Migrating South

Yesterday evening, Ingrid and I were at Popham Beach watching some young Piping Plovers running back and forth along the shore line when we heard a a series of loud whistles coming across Morse River. We watched three Whimbrels land amid a group of Black-backed Gulls and begin breeding.

The Photo above is at the extreme distance of my camera . . . but definitely one of the the three observed Whimbrels.

Whimbrels breed in Alaska and along the Hudson Bay and are already migrating south toward their winter range (Florida to the tip of South America).

I’ve noticed a definite up tick in bird activity this week after several weeks of doldrums . . . in many cases, young have fledged and adults and juveniles are disbursing looking for food and adventure.

Yesterday morning I stood at the end of our driveway and birded for a hour . . . lots of fun.

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