Pine Siskin in July

Pine Siskin

In the winter of 2015 we had an influx of Pine Siskins on our feeders in Wiscasset, Maine.  In the previous 16 years in the house I don’t recall ever seeing a Pine Siskin (granted I didn’t know much about birds prior to 2013).  

Anyway, during the winer of 2015, the Siskins were the dominant birds on our feeders . . . overwhelming the Gold Finches, Titmice and Juncos.  They didn’t leave until May.

And we haven’t seen one at home in Wiscasset since then.

This morning, Ingrid and I were driving into the driveway, past our feeding stations, and we noticed a Pine Siskin on the nyjer feeder.  We watched him/her for about five minutes and then I ran and got the camera and got some good shots.

As unlikely as a Pine Siskin is in July is . . . all the field marks line up.  Pretty cool!!

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