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Willow Flycatcher – August 1, 2017

Willow Flycatcher

An early morning trip to Singing Meadows was a quiet day . . . the adult Bobolinks have moved on (while the juveniles are still flocking); warblers showed no interest in my pishing; and even the Red-Winged Blackbirds were quiet.

As I perused the hedgerow, a place where Cuckoos, Warblers and Wax Wings have been sighted over the last few months, I heard a new song. “Pit-Spurr”, “Pit-Spurr”, “Pit-Spurr” couple be heard over and over . . . each very short with a pause between each iteration.

After a few minutes, I saw the familiar Alder Flycatcher . . . but the song was not the song of the Alder . . . but that of its less common twin . . . the Willow Flycatcher.

The Alder and the Willow are identical birds, that can only be distinguished by its song.

Very cool sighting.

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