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Setting up a Bird Drip

Black-throated Green Warbler at Drip

Last Spring when Ingrid and I visited High Island, Texas . . . many of the birding sights had bird drips . . . and we knew we had to have one.

A bird drip  provides a slow drip or stream of water into a ground level saucer.  The sound of water splashing attracts birds and the moving water prevents mosquitoes from breeding, keeping the water fresh and inviting.

At High Island, bleachers and benches are placed strategically near the drips . . . so birders can view various species coming in.

I found a copper drip on Amazon, buried the hose and positioned a large plant saucer at the edge of the woods.  It took a few weeks for the birds to find it, but in the last week we’ve observed Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, a Gray Catbird and today a Black-throated Green Warbler visiting the drip.  We hope for continued success!!!

As for Saturday morning birding . . . we got a rare Black-billed Cuckoo . . . in almost exactly the same place I got a Yellow-billed Cuckoo last fall.  Apparently I’ve found good Cuckoo terrain (lol).

Black-billed Cuckoo

Also saw some common Warblers, a female Baltimore Oriole and our usual morning Hummingbird on the deck wire.  Only one new bird today (we were only out for an hour) but lots of fun.