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September 23, 2017 – Rusty Blackbird

This fall, about once a month, Ingrid has a 6 hour Saturday course in Saco, Maine. Likewise, I’m far behind on several software projects . . . so naturally while Ingrid is working . . . I went birding!!!

This morning’s destination was Green Point WMA in Dresden.

I got out of the car about 7:30 and the fields and forest were alive with the sound of birds . . . but one sound cut through the cacophony. “Bob Whiiiite” . . . “Bob Whiiiite” . . . “Bob Whiiiite”.

Growing up in Georgia, I was once very familiar with the song of the Northern Bobwhite, but I probably haven’t heard it in 50 years. Ingrid heard it often, on Cape Cod but neither of us had heard it in Maine. To be honest, I didn’t know the Bobwhite was found in Maine, but a quick Google check showed it to be a popular game bird in the State.

For 10 minutes I listened to “Bob Whiiiite” compared it to the Northern Bobwhite song on my iPhone . . . dead on match. Never actually saw the bird . . . but I’m confident enough to call it bird # 262 of the year.

Saw lots of warblers, sparrows and a Red-tailed Hawk flying 5 feet off the ground as it glided across the meadow.

The best photo of the day was a handful of Rusty Blackbirds pestering a Blue jay. The Rusty was a lifer for me . . . I had to look it up to figure out what it was.

Golden-crown Kinglet from yesterday.