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September 19, 2017: Fork-tailed Flycatcher

The Maine Birding community is all-a-flutter (that one never gets old) about the Fork-tailed Flycatcher being seen at Maine Audubon in Falmouth. This morning I commented to Ingrid that I’d be more excited about it if we hadn’t seen so many of them last April in Texas. Ingrid looked at me in disbelief (an expression I’ve become quite used to) and said “that was the very common Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, the Fork-tail is very rare!!!”

Scissor-tailed Flyctcher

Scissor-tailed Flyctcher

Properly chastised, I grabbed our camera and binoculars and headed for Falmouth.

I found one lone birder, positioned on a knoll, peering through a spotting scope. He had seen the flycatcher about 10 minutes before but it had been chased into some dense brush by mockingbirds. So . . . we waited, waited, and waited . . . were joined by another birder . . . and waited some more.

Then about a hundred yard away . . . I saw what appeared to be a Kingbird . . . sitting in a red bush at about 100 yards. Up went the binoculars and spotting scope and then the high fives . . . the Fork-tailed Flycatcher . . . a bird from the tropics . . . inexplicably in Maine.

We watched him perch for a while, more to another tree and fly a bit. After about 10 minutes I saw about a dozen birders heading over from the parking lot . . . and took that as my que to head home . . . but a very exciting sighting.