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September 1, 2017 – Warbler Fall Migration

It was crisp with a light breeze and a definite touch of fall in the air when set out this morning to find a warbler or two on migration. Our trip quickly became a birding bonanza. The birch, alder and pine trees at Singing Meadows Preserve in Edgecomb, Maine were quite literally dripping with warblers in search of breakfast. Everywhere we looked, birds were flitting among branches, darting after winged insects, and pecking at tree bark.

In the course of an hour, we were treated to sightings of eight different warbler species, two of them lifers and three FOY’s, and a greater variety and number than we saw on any of our spring migration outings.

Canada Warbler – We didn’t know we saw one until we looked at our photos


American Redstart – Must have seen a dozen

Black and White Warblers – Were going up and down the bird trees feasting on caterpillars

Black-Throated Blue Warbler – A lifer, only saw him briefly

Bay Breasted Warbler – Pretty sure of the identification. Could be a Black Poll (too early) or a Pine Warbler (wrong tree) . . . so we ruled them out

Black-Throated Green – Very hard to photograph as they stay high in the trees but this young pup came down and posed

Tennessee Warbler – Another lifer, took us a long time to figure out what it was

And a potpourri of other birds

Not bad for September 1st in Maine!