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Scarlet Tanager Putting on a Show

I was looking for Warblers this morning when a beautiful Scarlet Tanager flushed out of the brush right in front of me. He flew up to a nearby tree and sang and sang and sang.  He actually kept getting closer and as I snapped photo after photo.

Finally after about 10 minutes I returned to my warbler search, but my phishing was drowned out by the Tanager.

I did manage to get quite a few warblers . . . even a first of the year Blackpoll Warbler (sadly no photo).  Seeing a Blackpoll is a mixed blessing as they are usually the last of the warblers to migrate through . . . its coming to an end.

This evening Ingrid and I did a little more birding . . . nothing exciting . . . but this porcupine walked by.  He seems almost cuddly.

Other species of note:  a Blue-headed Vireo and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (all day/everywhere).