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Prairie Warbler

I often drive over to a nearby preserve (Eaton Farm), get a jog in and occasionally chase a bird or two. Yesterday evening I heard a song I didn’t recognize and ran it through Song Sleuth (a great iPhone app). When it told me it was a Prairie Warbler I ran back to the car, grabbed the NIKON and began searching. The Prairie was singing in a sumac bush . . . and the the lighting made for these unusual photos.

I had seen Prairies in Maine grassland environments . . . but first time around our home in Wiscasset.

Birding has settled down for a bit . . . spring migration is over and fall migration is a ways away . . . so what we are seeing is birds browsing for food to take back to their nests . . . and the first round of fledglings.

Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-and-White Warbler

Cedar Waxwing

Random Photographs