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November 17, 2017 – Red-bellied Woodpecker

Bird feeders throughout Maine have been strangely quiet this fall.  A dry summer has led to a bumper crop of seeds, acorns and cones and have given the finches, jays and chickadees an abundance of food.   The “Maine Birds Facebook Page” has banned posts complaining of “no birds at my feeders”  . . . to damp down the complaints.

Ingrid and I have experiences the same issues at our feeding stations . . . rather than filling the feeders every couple days . . . we are emptying them out every couple weeks and cleaning out the mold (due to seeds not being eaten).

The last few days there has been a little more activity . . . and this afternoon we had a rare (for Maine) Red-bellied Woodpecker visit.

Red-bellied Woodpecker Range