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Northern Cardinal – May 25, 2017

Cardinals are not rare in Maine . . . in fact their Star-Wars Laser Beam song is a fixture of the Maine forests, neighborhood, pastures and orchards.  I’ve seen flocks of them on snowy winter days and in the spring courting couples are in every thicket and forsythia bush.

Unfortunately, our yard and feeders are one of the few places in Maine where Cardinals fear to tread.  While in the course of a year we’ll get 50+ species visible from our living room . . . the Cardinal has not been one of them.  For some reason, we haven’t been able to attract them.

This winter, Ingrid hit upon the idea of adding saffron seeds to to our platform feeder fix (1 part peanut, 1 part black-oil sunflower and now 1 part saffron) and that made all the difference.

Below is 48 hour mix of Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal photos, its great to have them aboard.