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May 31, 2017 – Chipping Sparrow

The weather has been terrible for the end of May . . . morning temperatures in the low 40s, higher in the low 50s, overcast and raining.  Not exactly conducive to birding.  And then there is that annoying “work” thing . . . I wonder if I can get on disability so I can go birding all day?   (Kidding Boss . . . really just kidding . . . I love my job)

Anyway, with the weather so lousy, the feeders have been very busy.  The feeder bird cam took over 8 GB of photographs over the last 3 days . . . including this shot of a Northern Cardinal at dusk:

A nice returning visitor (after a few week’s absence) is the Chipping Sparrow.  I love their little red cap.

Long before I was a birder, I spent lots of time in the woods . . . sometimes running and sometimes hiking . . . but always exploring.  In those days I was aware of trill song eminating from the forest.  I always thought this omnipresent sound was an insect but now know it was Chipping Sparrows.  A bird that is always heard but rarely seen.