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October 29, 2017 – Maine Power Outage

Golden-crowned Kinglet

When Ingrid and I went to bed on October 29 we were expecting some wild weather, high wind and heavy rains . . . what we got was the most destructive storm in 19 years. A week later, many roads are still closed, thousands are still without power.

Stuck in a house without power or internet, I made a hand full of birding excursions to break up the monotony.

Even birding presented some challenges with down powerlines, closed roads and bird scaring generator noise.

Winter water fowl are starting to arrive and the last of the summer warblers and vireos are gone so it’s an interesting time to be birding.

Dyer Point – Cape Elizabeth

Great Salt Bay – Damariscotta

Damariscotta Mills

East Boothbay