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Late May . . . a Buffet of Birds

Black-billed Cuckoo

Warbler migration has subsided. While we are still seeing lots of the little buggers . . . most of the birds that are moving through seem to be gone and we’re now seeing the Maine summer residents in big numbers.  What we are now seeing are the other migrators . . . for instance three Black-billed Cuckoo in the last three days.

Yesterday we got the first Alder Flycatcher (a common summer bird).

Alder Flycatcher

Other first of the years . . . a Common Tern.

And a surprising flock of White-Rumped Sandpipers. Fortunately they were in the air and I could see their “bottom” or I never would have identified them.

White-rumped Sandpipers

But while we are training for a Big Year . . . we try not to get too obsessed by FOY birds . . . because there are beautiful birds all around our house.