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June 16, 2017 – House Wren

This morning I decided to forego my morning run and headed to Great Salt Bay Preserve in Newcastle for a little pre-work birding.  It was a chilly, drizzly, mosquito infested outing . . . but I saw lots of birds, including one lifer and one FOY . . . so it was great.

The House Wren is not an uncommon bird, apparently it is seen nesting near homes, in bird boxes and is easily recognized . . . but you can’t prove it by me . . . until this morning I’ve never seen one (or at least understood I’d seen one).  All an example of why Ingrid and I are “Training for a Big Year” . . . we have a lot more to learn.

Anyway, I watched a pair of House Wrens for about 10 minutes; moving rapidly through two apple trees; both singing loudly and joyously.  They are so small and move so fast, getting a photo was quite challenging but got a few that came out “Ok”.

Other morning sightings:

Bobolinks:  Lots of Males singing . . . occasionally I saw a few females popup from their nests in the high grass

Swamp Sparrows:  Difficult to tell apart from the many resident Song Sparrows

Song Sparrows

An Osprey that became quite unhappy when I approached her nest

The usual array of Geese, Finches and Warblers

And an adorable family of Mallards