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July 8, 2017 – Singing Meadow

This morning Ingrid and I headed to Singing Meadow in Edgecomb for a little birding, before she hauled me through a 9-mile run. We’re training for the annual early August Beach to Beacon 10k road race.

I was anxious to bird as long as possible, thus delay the pain and agony as long as possible, but Ingrid was having none of my procrastination. Still we had a productive hour of birding.

As we were driving out of the yard, I spied a Great-crested Flycatcher . . . a first-time visitor to the “Whitaker Estate”.

At Singing Meadow we watched an Indigo Bunting for 15 minutes but were never able to get him in the camera lens . . . he was singing and moving, singing and moving.

Lots of Common Yellowthroats and Song Sparrows kept us company, often scolding us when we got to close to their nests.

An Eastern Bluebird posed after being phished out of the woods.

Finally as we approached the car, we passed through a damp area of the meadow and we flushed a Wilson’s Snipe, a lifer for us . . . unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the camera up in time. After our run, I saw him/her fly back into the spot where we spooked it. . . but it then disappeared into the vegetation.

Here are a few other photographs taken this week near and on the river.