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July 29, 2017 – Eastern Kingbird vs. Red-tailed Hawk

Ingrid ran a 5K Road Race in Boothbay Harbor this morning . . . I didn’t run because of my bad knee (wink, wink) . . . so we were up and out early on a Saturday.

The race starts and finishes at the town’s high school, which borders a marsh, and as Ingrid warmed up, I noticed a lot of activity in the trees. Eastern Kingbirds were everywhere and very agitated.

I scanned the trees, the roof tops and then finally came upon a Red-tailed Hawk perched high upon the football field lights.

For the next 20 minutes we (Ingrid paused her warm up when she saw the Hawk) watched the Kingbirds chirp alarms. The Hawk seemed to ignore the commotion, but the Kingbirds kept moving closer. One lit upon a goal post upright and the taunting of the hawk increased.

Finally, the Red-tailed had had enough and took off for the woods with the goalpost Kingbird in hot pursuit. I have seen Kingbirds chasing eagles, hawks and ospreys before, but this time I got our camera on it.

As the two birds disappeared from sight, the Kingbird was practically sitting on the Red-tailed’s back.

Oh . . . and Ingrid ran really well!!!

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