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July 2, 2017 – Tree Swallows

Summer is now in full swing at the Whitaker household . . . and this means summer visitors (it’s funny how no one visits our home on the coast of Maine in February). We love our visiting friends and relatives, but they take time away from our birding.

This past weekend however, Ingrid and I did manage to get out for an hour at Great Salt Bay in Damariscotta.

The Tree Swallows put on quite an aerial circus, crisscrossing the path Ingrid and I were walking . . . often just inches above our head.

The Bobolinks are still quite numerous in the meadows. The males can be seen and heard singing from up in the trees, the females popping up here and there from their nests in the high grass. A red fox ran by us, probably feasting on Bobolink eggs and chicks.

Our common summer warblers, vireos, catbirds and song sparrows were numerous, singing loudly and moving through the brush.

Finally, a pair of Northern Flickers posed for the camera and a fledgling Eastern Bluebird.