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July 14, 2017 – Field Sparrow

I took a day off from work due to a number of important errands in disparate parts of the state. After all the “T”s were crossed and the “I”s dotted, we headed to Captain William Fitzgerald Recreation and Conservation Area in Brunswick . . . a 66-acre parcel and one of the few remaining sand-plain grasslands left in Maine.

At Fitzgerald, you’ll see birds rarely seen even a mile away.

The dominate bird of the day was the Field Sparrow; we saw them everywhere. While not as curious as our ubiquitous Song Sparrow, the Fields were clicking at us when we got close to their nests and watched us cautiously from small brush 100 feet off the trail.

Clay-colored Sparrows bolted every time we got within camera/binocular range, but their insect-like buzzing sound was unmistakable.

Our 225th bird of the year was the Prairie Warbler. Our previous best was 224 back in 2015 (which involved a trip to California). The Big Year Record is 780, and John Weigel is probably sleeping comfortably… but we are getting better.

Other birds of note:

Late last night I noticed this group of Snowy Egrets sitting on a rock behind our house, quite a surprise.