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July 11, 2017 – Black-crowned Night Heron

One of the great things about birding is that you never know what you will find (birding = box of chocolates).

This morning, I was timing Ingrid as she was doing some cross-country interval training in preparation for a 10K race early next month. As I waited for her to finish each loop, I explored the Great Salt Bay hedge rows looking for birds.

A few Bobolinks still remain before they begin their 4,000 mile migration to South America.

We saw a surprising number of American Redstarts and the usual number of Yellow Warblers, Common Yellow Throats and Gray Catbirds. Cedar Waxwings were harvesting berries and Red Wing Blackbirds were flocking (another early migrator).

On our way home we stopped at Damariscotta Mills, a neighborhood where water, plantings and feeders make the trees alive with birds. While I concentrated on a juvenile Red Start, Ingrid came upon a pair of Black-crowned Night Herons . . . the first ones we’d ever seen in Maine. By the time Ingrid found me, only one Heron remained, and it soon took off. Fortunately, we came upon a juvenile after we back-tracked to the bottom of the Mills’ Fish Ladder.

A nice box of chocolates indeed.