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January 29, 2018 – Snow Goose and Harlequin Ducks

With a late afternoon meeting in Southern Maine, I chauffeured Ingrid to work this morning and headed out to see what I could see.

An uncommon Snow Goose being seen in Cape Elizabeth, I spent the early morning souring the inlets and fields for the Canada Geese flock where it had been mingling.  I had no luck but got some good photos of Harlequin Ducks, Scoters and a long distance shot of a couple Purple Sandpipers.

Then I violated a several speed laws and spent a couple hours at Plum Island in Massachusetts.  Most of the salt ponds and inlets were frozen over but I got flock of Northern Pintails hanging out on the ice . . . a big surprise.

Northern Pintails

On the way out I got yet another Snowy Owl . . . they are everywhere this winter.

When I returned to Cape Elizabeth, I saw a handful of Geese flying overhead and I followed them to a farmer’s field . . . where I found hundreds of their compatriots browsing.  After tromping around the farm . . . I finally found the Snow Goose . . . and it posed quite nicely.

I then rushed to my meeting and made in with 4 minutes to spare!!!!