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January 25, 2018 – American Wigeon

It’s January 25 and we have 58 birds this year . . . we’ve seen most of the easy January birds found in Maine . . . so it requires a little bit of work to add to our year list.

Our trip to California next month (San Diego Birding Festival) and New England Spring Migration seem an awful far away . . . so I braved the wind chill and headed up the coast to see what I could see.

Right off the bat, I saw three American Wigeons in Rockland Harbor (two drakes and a female) . . . almost too easy.

Iceland Gull

A little while later, a small white gull flew in and landed on a rock where it proceeded to rest for a half hour.  I’ve been studying my gulls and was excited to realize I was looking at an Iceland Gull . . . a lifer.

As I headed south I saw Common, Hooded and Red-throated Mergansers.

In Newcastle, I came upon a flock of Bluebirds and Cedar Waxwings in the same tree . . . very exciting.

And as I pulled into the driveway after what I felt was a very successful day . . . and there was a Common Raven sitting in a hemlock tree.