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January 20, 2018 – Lark Sparrow in Maine in January

If you live west of the Ohio River and its summer . . . you may see a Lark Sparrow in a field or meadow.  If you live in Maine during the winter . . . you may see a Lark Sparrow in Sibley’s Guide to Birds.  In other words, a Lark Sparrow is a grassland bird that breeds in the mid-west/west and winters in Mexico.  They don’t belong in Maine

But this winter there are two Lark Sparrow hanging around bird feeders in Durham and Biddeford, Maine . . . who knows why.

Ingrid had a all day class in Saco, Maine . . . so I chauffered her to class and spent the day birding.

Added the Lark Sparrow, Harlequin Ducks and a Snowy Owl to our 2018 list . . . bringing our count to 58.