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January 2, 2017 – Bald Eagle and Deer Carcass on Ice Floe

This morning I was on a business call (I work at home) when I saw three beautiful Bald Eagles flying up and the river excitedly. Eagles are quite common but usually they are soaring or perched high in the trees.

Then I noticed a fourth Eagle, on an ice floe (in the winter large chunks of ice float up and down the salt-water river with the tide). The flow was a good quarter mile away, but our spotting scope revealed a macabre scene of a deer carcass abutting the ice, with an immature eagle feeding on it.

The camera shots were fast and at an extreme distance but it confirms the unusual sighting.

My guess is the young deer fell into the freezing water (we’ve been having ten below nights) and was unable to climb out.