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January 19, 2018 – Glaucous Gull

Glaucous Gull

Whenever one tries to improve oneself, be it playing tennis, learning French or birding . . . you concentrate on certain areas before moving onto something else.  For instance learning the conjugation of verbs, memorizing nouns and mastering pronunciation may be complimentary but its best to focus on one disipline at a time.

Over the last few years Ingrid and I have worked on our seabirds, then our warblers, then raptors . . . and I guess its Gull time.  Sure I can recognize a Herring Gull, a Ring-bill, a Great Black-Back, Laughing and Bonaparte.  But I haven’t spent a lot of time scanning Gull flocks looking for less common Birds.

Late this morning I stopped at the nearby Bath Boat Launch/Sewage Treatment Plant to see what I could see.

I spent some time studying what I think was a Barrows Goldeneye . . . but was never able to get a good view.  Another birder arrived and we worked a colony of gulls (yes its a colony not a flock . . . check out this quiz) looking for Glaucous, Iceland or Lesser Black-Back Gulls.

After a while I began to work the trees near the sewage treatment tanks and quickly came upon Golden-crowned Kinglets and Black-capped Chickadees.  While shooting nearly straight up at the Kinglets  . . . a perfectly white gull flew directly overhead giving me time for exactly one photograph . . . my first Glaucous Gull (confirmed in the other birder’s scope).

Its smarter to be lucky than lucky to be smart.

Lots of species moving around today: