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January 14, 2018 – Puffin Quilt and Eurasian Wigeon

Last July 15, Ingrid and I took a Audubon sponsored pelagic trip to Eastern Egg Rock to see Atlantic Puffins, Razorbils and Terns.

As usual we saw the charming little Puffins flying, fishing and posing . . . the clown bird!!!

Out seat mates on the “three hour cruise” were a lovely couple (the Kantors) from Brookline, Massachusetts who put up with my giant camera lens being shoved in their faces.

A couple day after the trip, Phyllis Kantor e-mailed me asking for permission to make a quilt based upon one of our photos.  In exchange she promised to make us a quilt.   We of course accepted her offer and then promptly forgot all about it.

This weekend the quilt arrived and it is beautiful.

Judith’s work can be found at Judaic Weaving. Check it out!!!

Yesterday Ingrid and I made a trip up to St. George see the uncommon Eurasian Wigeon that has been hanging out for a couple weeks with a flock of mallards.  I spent 2 hours looking for him on Friday morning but had no luck.  Yesterday Ingrid and I got the Drake with a spotting scope.  Not a  great photo (great distance) but one can can make out his colors.

Also yesterday morning got this fun photo of a Red-bellied and Hairy Woodpecker hanging out together outside our bedroom window.