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January 10, 2017 – A Trip to Mail-It-For-You

A Trip to Mail-It-For-You Bufflehead A Christmas Amazon Prime return was an excuse for a trip to Mail-It-For-You . . . Ethan just decided to bring his binoculars and Nikon along (and he took a particularly circuitous route).

While he saw nothing unusual for the coast of Maine in January, the birds were posing quite nicely. This was our best photo ever of a male Bufflehead (Ethan’s favorite bird). Buffleheads are extremely skittish and are rarely holding still . . . and their color tends to wash out again the water.

Other subjects were: a flock of European Starlings feasting on decaying apple, Hooded Mergansers and the ubiquitous Red-tailed Hawk which stared at Ethan as he was pumping gas.