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January 1, 2018 – Aborted Big Day

Maine (and the rest of the Northeast) is in the middle of a deep freeze.  We had a Christmas Day low of 3, followed by zero on the 26th, then, -9, -4, -16, -16 and -13 last night.  Tonight we are forecast to get hit with another -10 night.  This has led to frozen pipes, soaring heating bills, and dangerous conditions for those outside and unprepared.

Normally Ingrid and I spend New Years Day doing a Big Day . . . how many birds we can see in one day.  We had made reservations to begin the day at Plum Island in Massachusetts (best birding in New England), followed by Biddeford Pool, Maine (Snowy Owls), Cape Elizabeth (Harlequin Ducks and Scoters) and then home for our feeder birds.

But with our pipes freezing, we didn’t feel we could leave the home alone . . . so we birded from the house window.

We got 21 birds . . . a far cry from the 50 we had hoped for in our original plans.  Still we had fun and have lots of birding planned for 2018!!!