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Indigo Bunting

Ingrid and I have has a pretty good year birding so far and there are only a few Maine song birds that we haven’t seen. The one that has become our White Whale is the Indigo Bunting.

The Indigo Bunting is not a particularly rare bird . . . in fact there are probably more in 2018 than there were when the Pilgrims landed. Indigo Bunting love the borders of farm fields, meadows and grassland and tend to sing loudly in the tree tops.

We’ve been out at least a dozen time over the last month trying to get one of these beautiful birds. We’ve checked birding hotspots where we’d seen them in years past and locations where birders had seen them recently.

Indigo Bunting habitats yielded us Field Sparrows:

Prairie Warblers:

Eastern-wood Pewees:

And even a few non-birds of note:

Finally yesterday, I got up at 4:30 am and headed to spot on a rural road where an Indigo Bunting was being reported. I arrived at the GPS location after a 30 minute drive and there was an Osprey nest (as reported in the eBird Post).

Immediately the Osprey started to dive bomb me. For those of you that have never experienced an angry Osprey . . . it is a real treat . . . as they circle behind you and often fly at you out of the sun.

This Osprey was really mad and chased me 50 yards up the road before she settled down.

But fortuitously . . . the Osprey chased me right into the Indigo Bunting I was looking for. He was singing close to the road and let me photograph him on both sides of the road.

We got the White Whale!!!