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Hundreds of Bobolinks

Male Bobolink

One of our favorite birding spots is Great Salt Bay on the Damariscotta/Nobleboro line. I hoped to pick up some warblers there this morning but was greeted to hundreds of deafening Bobolinks. It’s hard to listen for song birds when all you can hear is bubbling, gurgling and pinking.

Female Bobolink

I did briefly see a Canada Warbler and hear him singing in some alders . . . but wasn’t able to get a photo.

We’re still excited about a Sunday afternoon sighting: Ingrid went out for a run and let me know that she had heard and seen a mysterious warbler at the end of our driveway. I strolled out to check (Ingrid is household’s only runner as I recover from knee replacement) . . . and low and behold two Blackburnian Warblers were chasing each other around the top of the trees.

A real thrill to see them in the yard.