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February 27, 2017: Wood Ducks

wood ducksThis morning I had to make a quick run to Logan Airport in Boston. On the way home I decided to visit the legendary York Duck Pond (Abbott Pond).

Since the 1970s, Abbott Brothers, a contracting firm, has been feeding ducks in a small pond in York, Maine . . . just a few minutes from the turnpike. The pond is equipped with a bubbler that keeps the water partially ice free. Abbott brothers keeps a hopper filled with corn which dispensed feed to the ducks. The result . . . mallards, mallards and more mallards.

But occasionally other species stop by for a free meal and this week American Wigeons, Wood Ducks and Hooded Megansers have been sighted.

My 5 minute stop yielded 4 male Wood Ducks and 1 female (although there probably more hidden in the mallard horde). It was great to get this close to a Wood Duck as they are normally quite skittish.