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December 23-27, 2017 – Winter arrives with a Vengeance

It started snowing a couple days before Christmas and didn’t stop for a couple days. Then the temperatures plunged to 10 degrees below zero at night.  Pretty damn miserable.

Not surprisingly, our bird feeders are once again filled with hungry birds.

For Christmas, Ingrid gave me an ingenious new suet feeder.  While I’m not sure is will stump our gray and red squirrels very long . . . but right now the Hairy Woodpeckers are enjoying it.

At one point on Christmas Day, it was snowing so hard . . . snow was accumulating on the Canada Geese in from of our house.

This afternoon, Ingrid and I did a bit of birding from the car (too fridge to walk around).  Caught a Horned Grebe, some Golden Eyes and three Common Loons are a waterfront tavern.

Spring is only three months away.