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On a hot summer day, Popham Beach is mobbed. The enormous parking is filled to capacity. The line to get into the Park can stretch for a mile.

All that changes during the winter.

Today, with the exception of three Snow Buntings and a few other birds, I had the entire beach to myself.

I had hoped to see an owl or some Black-Legged Kittiwake but had to settle for the Buntings, a few Gulls, Mergansers, Eiders and even a group of Robins that had declined to fly south for the winter.

And damn was it cold.   I use a monopod to stabilize my camera and the cold from the pole’s aluminum came right through my gloves.

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Despite the cold and the limited number of birds . . . there is something very special about having 605 acres of beach to yourself.

American Robin