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August 29, 2017 – Mute Swans and Warblers

I work at home, while Ingrid drives an hour each way to teach 4th graders. Yes . . . I know . . . life isn’t fair. Heck, mid-afternoon today I looked out the window and saw a Peregrine Falcon land on a tree outside the window. About the same time, Ingrid was working on this year’s math curriculum (see: “life not being fair”).

Anyway, about 4:00, while Ingrid was rearranging desks in her classroom, I rationalized that I needed some air . . . and headed to Butler Head in Bath . . . for a little birding (life/fair/etc.)

The three Mute Swans we observed back in early July are still there and put on a nice show.

And the place was dripping with warblers, popping out of the waterfront brush and disappearing again and again. I believe I observed a Canadian Warbler and a Mourning Warbler . . . but the sightings were so brief . . . I don’t feel comfortable counting them.

American Redstarts and Common Yellowthroats were everywhere . . .

As I write this, my poor wife is asleep, exhausted on the couch. Tomorrow she gets in the car for another day of 4th grade prep. I wonder where I should bird tomorrow when I need to get some air. (life/fair/etc.)