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August 24, 2017 – Short-billed Dowitcher

An appointment in Portland was the perfect excuse to skip work and get in a little birding at Scarborough Marsh. A number of unusual shorebirds have been sighted there in the last few weeks, so I was optimistic.

Well I didn’t get a Red Ryder BB gun . . . nor did I get a Wilson’s Phalarope . . . but I did see and photograph some great birds.

One interesting sighting was an immature (second year) Little Blue Heron. A white bird, looking a lot like a Snowy Egret, it has beautiful robin’s egg blue streaking.  I also saw several mature Little Blue Herons.

Birds were everywhere . . . nothing particularly unusual . . . but they were kind enough to pose for photographs.

As I was getting in the car to leave the Marsh, I observed a American Kestrel silhouetted on a powerline.

After my appointment and my drive home, I noticed some activity on a mudflat near the house. A group of Short-billed Dowtichers and Greater Yellowlegs were feasting in a corner.

Very exciting