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November 12, 2017 – Snowy Owl

We’ve gotten in the habit of always taking the camera when we go out, even if there is no plan to do any birding . . . because you never know.

This morning I drove down to Boston to pick up our son Bradley who is visiting from California for the week. After the reunion we drove north through southern Maine when I got this text from Ingrid:

I was passing the Biddeford exit and with no time to lose made a dangerous right turn off the Maine Turnpike and set off to find the Snowy Owl.

Bradley patiently rolled his eyes and said “oh great” . . . non-birders just don’t get it.

During the the 10 minute detour to Biddeford Pool, I explained to the kid how Snowy Owl sighting are rare in Maine.  Snowies  occasionally migrate south from the Arctic and Canada when prey is hard to find (namely lemmings).

We turned onto the main drag in Biddeford Pool and about three houses in . . . the Snowy was perched on a clothes line . . . almost too easy.

We photographed him for about 10 minutes and moved on . . . although he didn’t seem the least bit stressed.

Bradley said “That was pretty cool, just like in Harry Potter”.