Yearly Archives: 2020

Mar 132020

Female White-winged Scoter

I’ve been working on my species recognition . . . on the female side. Unlike with humans, male birds are much more attractive and colorful than their female counterparts and much more difficult to identify. For instance, yesterday I saw this female White-winged Scoter  (above) swimming by herself. It took me a while to figure […]

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Mar 112020

American Woodcock

March has been warm and it while massive blizzards are still possible here in Maine . . . there is a touch of spring in the air. This evening around dusk I headed over to the Zak Preserve in Boothbay, to look for the American Woodcock displaying  . . . a mating ritual like no […]

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Mar 52020

River Otter

Yesterday was a great day of Birding.   I saw a half dozen first of the year (FOY) birds including a rare Pacific Loon; discovered a terrific new birding location; and distressed from work. But the highlight of the day didn’t even have feathers. The day started with 54 Brants at Kettle Cove.  This is […]

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Mar 12020

Canada Goose

Its March 1st and the first day of spring is March 19th . . . and in Maine, that’s just a cruel joke. In Florida and Texas, reports of warblers and hummingbirds arriving and heading north appear on the internet but in Maine . . . Ingrid and I continue to watch our winter birds […]

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Feb 262020

Red-winged Blackbirds

It’s February 25 in Maine  . . . and it is a long time before the crocuses and daffodils appear.  But for me, the first sign of spring appeared today – the Red-winged Blackbirds have arrived. Male Red-wings arrive early, to stake out territory in the cattails so when the females arrive in a few […]

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Feb 242020

Harris’s Sparrow

This winter, the Birding Capitol of Maine is at the bird feeders of Carol Belanger, a retiree in Levant, Maine (population 2,851).  Back in December, her husband (a non-birder) noticed something unusual on their feeders.  Carol took some photos, posted them on the Maine Birds Facebook Page . . . and within a few hours […]

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Feb 222020

Robins at -1 Degrees

Up early for my usual pre-work birding outing was to the Waldoboro Town Landing . . . basically boat launch so far from the ocean, it freezes over . . . particularly this morning when it was below zero.  The Landing’s parking lot is surrounded by pines, crab apples and other fruit trees and can […]

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Feb 212020

Northern Pintail

Got up before dawn to chase a few birds this morning . . . got one and missed the other. The success was a Northern Pintail in York Maine, a duck that the field guides say should not be in Maine this time of the year. The second bird was a Dickcissel in Wells, Maine […]

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Feb 162020

Red Crossbill

On a non-birding weekend get away on an around Sugarloaf Mountain, Ingrid and I were driving into the Cross Country Ski area, when I braked in the middle of the snow covered access road . . . as three Red Crossbills were feeding on salt in the roadway.  I had heard of this behavior, but […]

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