Yearly Archives: 2020

Feb 162020

Red Crossbill

On a non-birding weekend get away on an around Sugarloaf Mountain, Ingrid and I were driving into the Cross Country Ski area, when I braked in the middle of the snow covered access road . . . as three Red Crossbills were feeding on salt in the roadway.  I had heard of this behavior, but […]

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Feb 152020

Raven vs. Eagles

While driving to Sugarloaf Mt. for a weekend of Cross Country Skiing, Ingrid and I noticed an aerial dogfight over the road.  We pulled over and watched a Common Raven attacking two juvenile Bald Eagles over and over and over. I jumped out of the car hoping to get a few photos when a third […]

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Feb 132020

Red-bellied Woodpecker

All bird guides, hard copy and digital have range maps . . . a great way to identify a bird. If I’m not sure about my ID, I check the range maps to see if my bird belongs where I saw it. None of that seems to work with the Red-bellied Woodpecker in Maine, as […]

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Feb 92020

Three Rare Birds in 5 Minutes

Yesterday, Maine was recovering from a nasty ice storm where traveling became impossible and homes lost power and internet services.  About noon Ingrid and I headed out to do a little birding, but fearing the ice would limit our mobility. We go out of the car at Pond Cove in Cape Elizabeth, a small beach […]

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Feb 72020

Just Brants

Got up before dawn determined to get a Dovekie.   Dovkies are a pigeon sized Alcid,  related to Puffins, Razorbills, and Murres.   They are also a prized winter sighting along the Maine coast.   So yesterday morning I stood in the cold scanning the ocean with my scope and binoculars . . . for […]

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Feb 12020

Bird Vocalizing

As one becomes a better birder, sound becomes a increasingly important factor in locating birds. Yesterday, I got out of the car at one of my favorite birding spots and heard  a squeak wheel type song coming from a near by pond.  When I got to the pond . . . the song was coming […]

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Jan 312020

Harlequin Duck at Nubble Light

Today’s expedition was to Nubble Light in York, Maine . . . a peninsula jutting into the ocean just short of a beautiful light house. The location attracts seabirds in great numbers and occasionally something really rare.   Today’s rarity was a couple King Eiders visible with a scope (one may have been a Common/King […]

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Jan 272020

Snow Buntings but No Peregrine Falcon

For the second straight day I went looking for one bird and ended up getting another.   This morning I went over to the neighboring towns of Tophsam and Brunswick looking for a couple Peregrine Falcons that have been terrorizing the pigeon community.   I scanned the bridges, buildings and tree tops . . . […]

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Jan 272020

Razorbills but No King Eider

Yesterday a King Eider was reported at Fort Pemaquid . . . and naturally the local birders descended on the spot. The road into the fort was a muddy mess and I worried that I would get stuck but braved it anyway. I search for an hour and then ran into a couple other birders […]

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Jan 262020

Birding Hermit Island on a Slushy Day

Does a gray, slushy, mid-40s day in January sound like a Netflix kinda day?  Well for birders in Maine its a  . . . “lets get outside” kinda day.  Ingrid and I were up early and heading to Hermit Island, a campground on the end of ocean peninsula which reliably attracts birds . . . […]

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