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Apr 142020

April Migration

We still have a few weeks to go before the first big wave of warblers sweeps through Maine but if you know where to look, there are lots of migrating birds around. In the last few days We’ve seen three first of the year Sparrows: Fox, Field and Chipping Three wadders: Glossy Ibis, Snow Egret […]

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Apr 1020202 comments

Yellow-throated Warbler

Yesterday late afternoon, Ingrid told me a Yellow-throated Warbler had been seen on the ledge of a 4th floor office building in Brunswick. I laughed and suggested the bird was probably just moving through and would be long gone before I got there. So this morning as I sat through conference calls from 7 am […]

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Apr 72020

Palm Warbler and Others Move North

    This is the time of the year that FOY (First of the Year) Birds seemed to appear everywhere.  Yesterday a Palm Warbler and an American Kestrel, today it was a Palm Warbler and a Pied Grebe. And lots of other birds that were FOY just a few days ago I love Spring!!!!

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Apr 62020

The Ospreys Return to Maine

Sometime each year right around opening day of the baseball season, the Ospreys return to the coast of Maine.  The Bath Shaws complex has a nest that is very visible from the highway and each year there is excitement (even among non-birders) when they return. Today they returned to Shaws and a handful of other […]

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Apr 52020

Hermit Thrush – April Migration Begins

I think of Spring Migration as a series of waves.  In Maine, March sees Red-winged Blackbirds, Turkey Vultures and Great Egrets moving north.  April one sees Thrushes, Sparrows, and Palm/Pine Warblers coming through.  In May everything else comes through . . . yeah!!!! Today, Ingrid and I were out birding in Boothbay Harbor and Ingrid […]

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Apr 22020

Eastern Phoebes are Back!

Today was the first day of Maine’s Shelter in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately I work at home and Ingrid has been teaching remotely for weeks and the order allows you to go out for exercise so it won’t affect us that much. Today in the pouring rain I started out on my […]

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Mar 292020

Red-shouldered Hawk

Maine, like the rest of the country is restricting gatherings and associations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While our town and county have had very few infections (none in over a week), restaurants and non-essential retail remain shuttered.  Ingrid is teaching her fourth grade class remotely.   Our governor has closed some of the more […]

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Mar 232020

But I didn’t get a Photo

One of the top birder in the state of Maine once told me: “you can be a great bird photographer or you can be a great birder” but you can’t be both.  In other words, if you are always trying to get the great “shot” you’re going to miss a number of birds and conversely, […]

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Mar 182020

Snow Geese

Today I saw came upon five Snow Geese feeding with dozens of Canada Geese. In the midwest, especially during migration to their breeding range in the Arctic . . . Snow Geese can be see in the tens of thousands. Its quite a spectacle. But in Maine, they can be quite rare. This was only […]

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Mar 182020

Northern Shoveler

At lunch time I drove over to the Buffalo Ranch, a cow pasture in West Bath, where the owner used to run buffalo. About ten years ago the owner decided to get rid of the buffalo and raise more traditional cattle. But birders will always refer to it as the buffalo ranch as they return […]

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