Raven and Snowy Owl

Common Raven

This morning I made my dawn run south to Biddeford Pool, one of the premier birding spots in Maine.

It was 16 degrees and windy . . . damn was it cold.

First of the year Song Sparrow and Northern Mockingbirds showed up immediately but the seabirds were just shadows as the sun rising over the ocean practically blinded me.

As an alternative I hiked across the icy path to the golf course and scoped the Woods Island Lighthouse looking for Snowy Owls which are regularly seen in Biddeford Pool.   There was one sitting in above the left top window.

Snow Owl sitting one the left top window on Woods Island.

Lots of House Finches were moving through the brush as I headed back to the car for an 8:30 am meeting.

As I was leaving Biddeford Pool, I was delighted to catch a Common Raven feeding in the marsh.  I difficult bird to photograph.

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