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Aug 292019

Searching for a Western Sandpiper

As shorebird migration continues all around us . . . I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a Western Sandpiper in the thousands of peeps. The Western Sandpiper, true to its name, rarely migrates through New England. Last year I got one late in October and a number of them have been sighted this […]

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Aug 242019

Birding in Casco Bay

  Several months ago, Jeff (our financial advisor) offered to take us out into Casco Bay for a little pelagic birding.   After several “no goes” due to scheduling conflicts we finally found a Friday that works for both of us. When it comes to the birds of Maine, offshore is my real weakness.  The […]

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Aug 1620191 comment

Marbled Godwits

This is one of the two Marbled Godwits that have been hanging around the lagoon at Popham Beach State Park for the last couple days. The lagoons are roped off this summer for dune restoration so I was only able to observe one of the birds at a distance with a scope . . . […]

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Aug 112019

American Oystercatcher

This morning Ingrid and I went to a Maine Audubon Lecture and Birdwalk on Shorebirds. Led by staff Naturalist Doug Hitchcox, we learned a lot. At the beginning of Birdwalk, four American Oystercatchers flew in and fed for about 15 minutes. Only our second sighting of this species in Maine (I have searched for it […]

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Aug 92019

Northern Bobwhite

Off and on this summer there have been reports of people hearing Bobwhites in the Newagen neighborhood of Southport. In years past, I have heard a single Bobwhite calling over at Green Point in Dresden . . . clearly a hunter release bird that disappeared after a few days (as do Pheasants and Chukars). Anyway, […]

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Aug 22019

Pectoral Sandpiper

Only a very ill person would set his alarm for 4:30 a.m. so he could drive an hour north (before work) to get a Pectoral Sandpiper. Imagine this image: The alarm goes off. Ingrid: Where are you going birding? Ethan: Weaskeag Mash Ingrid: That’s an hour away . . . you’re crazy. Anyway, the Marsh […]

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Jul 302019

Popham Beach

Each summer our house on the coast of Maine seemingly becomes a Bed and Breakfast as friends and relatives descend upon our waterfront home to “visit us”. It’s weird how nobody visits us in February. Playing tour director and couple that with a prolonged case of bronchitis . . . meant I haven’t really been […]

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Jul 192019

Whimbrels Migrating South

Yesterday evening, Ingrid and I were at Popham Beach watching some young Piping Plovers running back and forth along the shore line when we heard a a series of loud whistles coming across Morse River. We watched three Whimbrels land amid a group of Black-backed Gulls and begin breeding. The Photo above is at the […]

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Jul 162019

Piping Plover Chicks

It’s July 15, the middle of the summer but incredibly . . . the first birds of the fall migration have begun to move south. As always the tip of the spear is led by the shorebirds. So early this morning I headed to Popham Beach to see if the Whimbrels seen there yesterday were […]

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Jul 142019

Visit to Eastern Egg Rock

Last night Ingrid and I participated in Maine Audubon’s annual sunset cruise around Eastern Egg Rock. Eastern Egg is the world’s first first seabird restoration island and certainly one of the most successful. The Atlantic Puffin once nested on the island in great numbers but hunting in the 19th century ended all Puffin nesting on […]

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