Great Blue Heron Rookery

Great Blue Heron (On Nest)

In 2000 when I moved our house on Back River in Wiscasset, there was a Great Blue Heron Rookery a mile down the river on Berry Island. Even though I wasn’t a crazy birder at that time, a regular part of our evening boat trips was cruising around the island to watch the GBHs come in a perch at the top of the trees.

Suddenly about 10 years ago . . . the Rookery disappeared. Perhaps because of predators . . . maybe disease . . . but suddenly it was gone.

Then last winter I was told that it had moved a couple miles up the river . . . on top of a railroad trestle.

So yesterday Ingrid and I celebrated July 4th by visiting the Great Blue Heron Rookery.

What an experience.

Birds on the Bridge

Hey everyone here is the video behind the photo. check out these amazing birds nesting on an epic bridge! If you like it make sure to give it a like and a share!Go Discover Something Awesome#GodiscoverSomethingAwesomeMake sure to follow along on Instagram

Posted by The Timber Cross on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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