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May 302019

Don’t Forget The Shorebirds

For birders, warbler migration is so exciting . . . so satisfying . . . one tends to forget there are other birds moving north.    This evening for a change of pace I travelled to Popham Beach, in nearby Phippsburg to see how many Piping Plovers were nesting there this year. I saw three […]

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May 282019
Winter Wren

Saddleback Mountain Birding

Last Christmas, Ingrid gave me Condo Reservations for Memorial Day Weekend at the Saddleback Mountain Ski Area. Saddleback is an enormous and beautiful resort, with spectacular views and après-ski support. Unfortunately, it has had a checkered financial past, closing for years at a time . . . the most current shutdown beginning in 2015. Its […]

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May 232019

Compressed Warbler Season Continues

Our Spring has been so cold and wet . . . plants and trees have been late to flower . . . and thus the caterpillars that warblers rely on for food have been late to emerge.  A couple weeks ago we had dozens of Yellow-rumped Warblers on our suet feeders as they were stressed […]

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May 232019
Prairie Warbler

Five Days Without a Post

Our last post was 5 days ago . . . and for those of you that follow this blog know that that is a long time.   It’s not that we have been birding . . . Ingrid and I have probably been out a half dozen time but they have been short expeditions followed […]

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May 172019
Chestnut-sided Warbler

The Magic Warbler Tree

I just had one of those magical experiences that only a birder can appreciate. This evening I went for a 5 mile jog around a Westport Island loop that I really enjoy (non-birding). About a mile from the car I notice a splash of orange at the top of tree which immediately made me think […]

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May 142019
Painted Bunting

Birding in New Orleans

Last Thursday evening, Ingrid and I headed to Louisiana to watch our son Bradley receive his MBA at LSU.  We stayed in New Orleans and saw all the sights. We had brunch at Brennans; saw a dixie land band doing a wedding march on Bourbon Street; drank Hurricane’s a Pat O’Briens; and took a double-decker […]

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May 102019
Warbling Vireo

Migration in Full Swing

After recent trips to Arizona and Chicago . . . it’s great to be home in Maine as spring migration is in full swing.  I’m up at first light (about 4:15 am) and birding until I should be at my desk (8:00). One of my favorite birds, the Warbling Vireo, are quite loud early in […]

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May 82019
Common Yellowthroat

Second Wave of Warblers

Each Maine spring, the warblers seem to come in waves. The first wave is the the Palm, Pine and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Wave two is the Common Yellowthroats, Black-and-White and Yellow Warblers The next wave (#3) are the really fun birds: Cape May, Blackburnian, Canada Magnolia and Wilsons And finally when you start seeing Blackpoll Warblers […]

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May 72019

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

Our son Bradley lives in California which seems a long way off sometimes.  Next weekend he gets his MBA and to celebrate I decided to treat him to a weekend in Chicago and a Red Sox Game.   So Friday night I flew west from Portland, Maine and Bradley flew east from San Francisco . […]

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May 22019

Little Egret

I work with a fellow birder who happens to live outside of London, England.  Many a conference calls begin or end with Ethan and Steve exchanging bird stories. Today I was bragging to my British associate about the Little Egret I had seen early this morning. Steve related that they are bring seen in greater […]

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