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Cusp of Warbler Migration

While the cold and rain continues to depress us . . . we’re seeing more and more warblers . . . some in the most unusual locations. This weekend we had Yellow-rumps all over our bird feeders.  In 20 years of feeding birds at this house, we’ve never had Butter-butts but suddenly we had at […]

Rain Rain Rain

Since Ingrid and I returned from Arizona it has rained . . . and rained . . . and rained.  The good news is some brief clearing tomorrow followed by rain through Sunday. Sigh. Still I managed to get a few birds over the last few days. A Pied Grebe in the fog (initially identified […]

Back in Maine

Ingrid and I got back from Arizona early, early this morning.  We left Patagonia at 9:30; drove 90 minutes to Tuscon; flew to Phoenix; then to Boston; and then drove back to Maine.  Our heads hit the pillow about 3:00 am (and our Maine Coon Cats climbed all over us all night . . . […]


Today we were up early for the 90 minute drive east through the Arizona desert to visit the legendary Ash Canyon Bed and Breakfast.  No longer operating as an Inn, the owner has dozens of feeding stations, chairs benches and bird blinds that birders can enjoy (for a $10 entrance fee). Its well worth it!!!! […]

Vermillion Flycatcher

Today we just hung around Patagonia and the Duquesne House . . . the best B&B for birding we’ve ever stayed at. Highlights included our 500th Vermillion Flycatcher of the week (I’m exaggerating . . . but they seem to be everywhere); male and female Summer Tanagers (at the Inn); and Hooded Orioles (also at […]

Magnificent Hummingbird

Before 2017 . . . if you visited a small corner of Arizona . . . you might be lucky enough to see the large and beautiful Magnificent Hummingbird. But then the powers to be split the species into the Rivoli’s Hummingbird and the Talamanca hummingbird (found in Costa Rica and Panama).  I think this is […]


Day two of our Southeast Arizona Birding Adventure was a trip west thirty minutes to Patagonia Lake State Park . . . a large lake by Arizona standards . . . a community swimming hole in Maine. We started the day with a one hour pontoon boat trip around the lake, followed by a two […]

Lucy’s Warbler

Our first day in southeastern Arizona started at an airport hotel in Tuscon and ended at a Bed-and-Breakfast for Birders in Patagonia. In between we visited the Paton Center for Hummingbirds and the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve.  We’re about to head out for another day of Birding so this won’t be a long blog but highlights […]

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