Cliff House

Breakfast at the Cliff House

Breakfast at the Cliff House is extra special for Birders. Black Scoters and Common Eiders were feasting as we feasted.

Posted by Big Year Birding on Monday, February 11, 2019

Sometimes Ingrid and I come up with ways to watch birds without tromping through the cold and wet . . . like breakfast at the Cliff House.

Cliff House is an elegant four seasons resort in Cape Neddick, Maine.  All restaurants and guest rooms appear to hang over the Atlantic Ocean as the resort is situated atop enormous cliffs.

Cliff House is birder friendly and one can see a great variety of winter sea birds from the walkways and windows.

Lobster and Waffles

This morning Ingrid and I had breakfast at the Cliff House . . . we feasted while watching Harlequins, Scoters, and Ediers with our binoculars.  A great meal and a great time.

Hooded Mergansers


On the way home we saw some hoodies.


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