Mergansers on a 5 Degree Morning

Mergansers on a 5 Degree Morning

Mergansers (Common and Hooded) at the George Wright Puddle in Woolwich, Maine on a 5 degree morning.

Posted by Big Year Birding on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

With the rest of the country encased in the annual winter vortex, it is 5 degrees in Maine, plenty warm enough to try for the Canvasback (a rare visitor to the state).  I’ve been out 3 times in 4 day looking for my white whale, and like Ahab I’m not going to give up.

On the way I checked out the George Wright Puddle, a small pond’s who’s brackish inflow keeps it ice free even on the coldish day.   As expected the Puddle was filled with Common and Hooded Mergansers.

The Canvasback was more cooperative this time out.  I was able to get him in my binoculars as he fed with a small group of Common Goldeneyes.


Also got some nice photos of more common birds on the ride home and a nice “hot” cup of coffee.

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