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Dec 252019

Sanderlings Celebrate a Maine Christmas

It’s always fun to see warm weather birds during a cold Maine winter.  In the last few weeks I’ve seen a Kildeer and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Reports of a Baltimore Oriole and a Yellow-throated Warbler have come in from distant parts of the state. Yesterday when Ingrid and I were birding a Reid State Park […]

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Dec 252019

Bald Eagles at the Dump

What do I do on a warm Christmas Eve morning?   I drive an hour to the Hatch Hill Landfill in Augusta, Maine in search of a Juvenile Golden Eagle being seen there. The Augusta “Dump” is known for a large number of Bald Eagles that congregate during the winter but I was unprepared for […]

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Dec 182019

Purple Sandpipers

During a short lunch break I was scoping in a Horned Grebe swimming near some ocean front rocks when a some moving objects began distorting my view.  I adjusted the the lens and low and behold eight Purple Sandpipers were moving around on the rocks. I had never seen Purples that close and near such […]

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Dec 142019

Glaucous Gull

Another rain and wind storm hit the Maine Coast today causing massive flooding and power outages.  Ingrid and I spent the morning working on various projects and by afternoon we both needed to get out . . . the perfect excuse to bird. We travelled to East Boothbay and did the Ocean Point loop hoping […]

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Dec 122019

Reid State Park after Storm

Took a long lunch break  . . . I’m so far behind on a programming project that it doesn’t matter . . . and visited Reid State Park the day after a two day winter storm. The surf was incredible and lots of birds had been driven closer to shore than usual . . . […]

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Dec 12019

Our Son’s California Neighborhood

  Our son, Bradley and his fiancé Tanner live in Diamond Bar, California . . . a bedroom community 40 minutes southeast of Los Angeles. As seems to happen every time Ingrid and I travel somewhere warm . . . it was unseasonably cold . . . in the high 30s at night (snow in […]

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Nov 292019

Birding The Salton Sea

  The Salton Sea, at 350 square miles (15 miles x 35 miles) is the largest lake in California, an environmental disaster and a great place to see birds.  Located on the San Andreas Fault, has been alternatively: a fresh water lake, a saline sea and dry lake bed depending on the changing flow of […]

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Nov 242019

Yellow-breasted Chat

This morning I spent two hours looking for the Yellow-breasted Chat, that has been seen in Capisic Pond in Portland, Maine.  Two or three Chats show up in Maine each year . . . Ingrid and I saw one back in 2015 on Monhegan Island. The bird was seen early this morning, just before I […]

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Nov 202019

Dickcissel in Maine

The Dickcissel is a bird typically found during the summer in Mid-Western States like Missouri and Nebraska before heading to the tropics in the Fall. Over the last month there have been a number of Dickcissel sightings in various locations in Maine.  I have chased them but had not luck.   This week one has […]

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Nov 172019

American Pipit

This weekend has been beautiful, if unseasonably cold.  With Ingrid busy doing class work I did some pretty heavy birding.  With the winter birds arriving and some late migrators hanging around . . . I had fun. Late on Sunday after a couple hours at Reid State Park I was getting in the car when […]

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