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Nov 122018

Savannah Sparrow

Ingrid had the day off for Veteran’s Day, so we got to go lunch time birding together on a week day . . . a real treat. Unfortunately last night was the first hard freeze of the season and the ponds had ice on them . . . and late shorebirds and warblers that have […]

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Nov 82018

Yellow Warbler in November???

Yesterday I posted that most of the birds migrating through Maine were gone . . . then this morning while birding at Pond Cove in Cape Elizabeth, Maine . . . a Yellow Warbler flew right in front of me and I followed her for 10 minutes. One of the first warblers to leave during […]

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Nov 72018

Surf Scoter

Most of the birds that migrate from or through Maine in the fall seem to be gone . . . an occasional heron, a few yellow-rumps or a vulture seem to be all that is left.  But as the summer birds disappear, the winter birds begin to arrive. Today I saw the first Ring-necked Duck, […]

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Nov 72018

Birding after Voting

As usual I’m behind on a programming project and it’s raining . . . so I couldn’t justify an early morning birding outing.  But today is Election Day and I couldn’t help but scoot over to nearby Fort Edgecomb for 15 minutes of birding. As soon as I got out of the car . . […]

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Nov 42018

Cattle Egret

Ten days ago, when riding the train from the Tampa Airport to the rental car terminal, I spotted two Cattle Egrets in a field.  The glimpse was too short to get my camera out of my carry-on . . . and thus disappointing . . . I try to get photos of most of my […]

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Nov 32018

Buffleheads are Back

My favorite bird is the Bufflehead.  They are adorable companions through the long Maine Winters . . . Arriving around the first of November and leaving in May. I saw our first female Buffy a couple days ago and the first male today. Lots of rain for the last month . . . today was […]

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Nov 22018

Nothing could be finer than seeing a Carolina

Went over the Fort Williams Park (home of the famous Portland Headlight) for a little birding at dawn.  Everyone living in Cape Elizabeth seemed to be taking photos and walking dogs . . . and literally saw only Herring Gulls, Pigeons and House Sparrows. So I left the Park and drove a mile down the […]

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Oct 312018

American Bittern

A disappointing lunch time visit to Crescent Beach (virtually no birds) left me looking for another location to look for birds. I decided upon Spurwink Marsh . . . near the boat landing.  I quickly saw our first Bufflehead of the year (a female), some late to migrate Yellow-legs and then stunningly, an American Bittern […]

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Oct 302018

Cape May Warbler

A quick run to the drug store at lunch time (followed by a birding side trip) produced a Cape May Warbler . . . the third late warbler this week.  Head south boys . . . the snow will be here quick. Lots of other birds seen in a ten minute stop.  

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