Monthly Archives: December 2018


There is nothing like a storm to introduce unexpectant birds to an area. With heavy rains and high winds sweeping up the east coast . . . I managed to get to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth, Maine about a half hour before sunset. The rain was pelting and the fog was heavy so it […]

Ring-necked Ducks

Cold weather, work and Christmas demands have limited our birding . . . but managed to get out at sunrise this morning.  I briefly saw what I think was a Northern Shrike . . . but my view wasn’t good/long enough to call it as a first of the year sighting. The rest of the […]

Juvenile Bald Eagle

A Black-backed Woodpecker is being reported in a nearby town . . . a bird that lives in the Northern Maine and Canadian Boreal forests.  I’ve only seen once back in 2015.   At lunch I drove over to look for him. Saw lots of Woodpeckers (including a rare for Maine Red-bellied) but no luck […]

Common Goldeneyes

I’ve seen a number of Common Goldeneyes in the last month but always at an extreme distance.  Today I saw a half dozen not too far from a busy part of Route 1 in Woolwich and decided to stop and try to get some photos.  Not long after I pulled over and started snapping away, […]

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