Monthly Archives: November 2018

Great Black Hawk Returns

One of our biggest disappointments of 2018 has been missing the Great Black Hawk that appeared in Maine this summer, until today.  A native of Southern and Central America . . . the bird is rarely seen in the United States.  During the first week of August a juvenile Great Black Hawk appeared in Biddeford […]

Finally an Evening Grosbeak

Periodically the cone trees of the Canadian Boreal Forests don’t produce the cones that they normally do and the Pine Siskins, Redpolls and Grosbeaks descend into the United States . . . much to the delight of birders and bird feeders.  Three winters ago the dominate bird on our feeders was the Pine Siskin . […]

Snowy Owl

Ingrid and I were driving home from a short and disappointing birding outing to Butler Head (lots of Scaups and Golden Eyes at a distance)  when we saw a large bird take the to sky not far from our Subaru Outback.  At first glance we thought it was an Eagle or Hawk and then we […]

Savannah Sparrow

Ingrid had the day off for Veteran’s Day, so we got to go lunch time birding together on a week day . . . a real treat. Unfortunately last night was the first hard freeze of the season and the ponds had ice on them . . . and late shorebirds and warblers that have […]

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