Monthly Archives: October 2018

American Bittern

A disappointing lunch time visit to Crescent Beach (virtually no birds) left me looking for another location to look for birds. I decided upon Spurwink Marsh . . . near the boat landing.  I quickly saw our first Bufflehead of the year (a female), some late to migrate Yellow-legs and then stunningly, an American Bittern […]

Cape May Warbler

A quick run to the drug store at lunch time (followed by a birding side trip) produced a Cape May Warbler . . . the third late warbler this week.  Head south boys . . . the snow will be here quick. Lots of other birds seen in a ten minute stop.  

Birding in Airports

On a business trip yesterday, I was walking into the JFK terminal and a House Sparrow practically hit me in the head.  Over my 2 hour layover I saw dozens of them patiently sitting in the rafters waiting for french fries to fall from traveler’s laps. Amazing how the House Sparrow (an invasive species) from […]

Lunch time looking for a Dickcissel

I scooted over the Great Salt Bay in Damariscotta to try and spot the Dickcissel that was seen there yesterday.  It was a brisk but sunny fall day and there were birds everywhere. No Dickcissels but Song, Savannah and Lincoln Sparrows; Sandpipers (Solitary and Greater Yellowlegs); a Great Blue Heron and a Green Winged Teal.  

Sabattus Pond

Sabattus Pond is a beautiful man made lake in central Maine.  It is also the home of the Chinese Mystery Snail . . . an invasive species that probably escaped from a fish tank and now covers the bottom of the Pond. On the plus side, every fall ducks descend on Sabattus Pond to chow […]

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